Camping regulations


Double axle caravans are not allowed on the camping grounds. Mobilhomes are only allowed in the places indicated by us.


Arrival possible after 02.00 pm Departure before noon. (During the Four Days Marches in consultation)


Animals are allowed on the camping grounds.


after 11.00 pm it is absolute quiet until 7.00 am. During the Four Days Marches event, it is absolute quiet from 09.00 pm. 



Be careful of everything that grows and blooms here. The bushes and fruit trees are not to play with. 

Calamity Gathering Area

Calamity Gathering Area: entrance to parking lot of campground near gathering sign. 


The plumbing that we pride ourselves on should be clean. If you use the shower we ask you to use the squeegee. Should the area, despite the daily cleaning be dirty, please let us know so we can do something about it. 


Parking lot

Cars are allowed in the camping area only on arrival and departure. The car can be parked in the parking lot afterwards.  


Making a bonfire is prohibited. It is allowed only with a high fire basket and after consultation with us.


Organic waste in the green container, glass in the glass container, paper in the paper bin, residual waste also in the appropriate container. Empty the chemical toilet at the indicated place, outside behind the sanitary facilities.

Playground equipment

Playground equipment at the campsite is free to use although at your own risk. Soccer only on the playing field in front of the farm. Trampolines max. 2 persons. Children under the age of 6 only under supervision.

Forbidden territory

Forbidden territory: behind and beside the west side of the farm. In addition, we draw your attention to the danger of the manure pit. It is absolutely forbidden to climb on it or play around it! 

Lawn mowing

Each week the grass in the campground and the playing field is mowed. This is about 1 acre in size and takes about 6 hours. The sound of the mower is a little inconvenient. Please be careful not to leave stones, pegs or iron on the playing field or campsite.  This is bad for the mower and it can unexpectedly slip away during mowing. 


You will be staying on the grounds of a farm where work is done daily, even outside normal office hours! We do our best to avoid noise pollution.  


For questions, you can reach us at
+31 (0) 6-12650056