De Zeelandsche hof
Catch your breath in the
beautiful countryside

About us

Zeelandsche Hof is a beautiful terp farm dating back to 1850. Arable farming is still practised and there is a camp-site with 10 hikers’ cabins. The hikers’ cabins have comfortable beds and a complete kitchenette. Located in Millingen aan de Rijn and part of the Gelderse Poort nature reserve. Millingen aan de Rijn has been part of the municipality of Berg en Dal since 2016. An ideal starting point for various cycling and walking routes. A cycling trip to Millingewaard nature reserve with, among other things, the tea garden, Nijmegen, Kleve, Emmerich, the Veerpontjes route and the Ooij polder, to name only a few. Strolling over farm trails, the well-known Pieterpad passes by us. Relaxation, space, birdsong and wonderful views—it is a joy to be surrounded by all this natural beauty!